30 Day Photo Challenge: 7 Tips for Everyday Photos

Spring is here, and I am in organisation mode. Whilst sorting I came across the ‘photo a day project’ I did with my youngest daughter a year or so ago. Looking back at these I was in mummy heaven as it took me back to all of the little things she loved to do at the age and time of year. It is ridiculous how quickly she is growing but also nice to notice that some things don’t change so much. At the time I also wanted to do a 30 day photo challenge with my oldest daughter but didn’t get around to it. So I’ve decided to give it a go now.

She is at school now but that is not going to stop me from doing a 30 day photo a day challenge with her. It may be a bit harder as some days we go to school then straight afterwards she has an activity and then we rush home to kick off the usual nightly routine. But that is the normal everyday chaos that the week entails for most families with young children.  I’m hoping it will be good opportunity for me to slow myself down at certain times of the day and focus on this magical time of my oldest daughter’s everyday life as it is right now. Whilst life does seem very busy at times, I try to remind myself that one day I will miss these crazy days. Audrey will be totally in love with the idea too as she often recalls when I did this project with her sister.

30 day photo challenge mazzy-2

If you are wanting to try a 30 day photo challenge with your own family or children I’ve made a brief list of some areas I will focus on over the 30 days to capture an overall picture of my daughters everyday life right now.

7 Tips for Your Own 30 Day Photo Challenge 

1. Details

The best way to focus on some of the details is to zoom in or get closer and cut out all of the clutter. The smallness of their hands or feet, the piggy tails, nail polish on their toes, food on their face, these are the details that really tell the story so are wonderful to capture.

2. Fun Activities

Capture them doing the things that they love to do or spend time doing at this stage. Whether it is reading a book, playing on the iPad, making cubby houses or playing with siblings. It is all perfect, and it will all serve well for your 30 day photo experience.

3. Clothing

Favourite clothes, shoes or dress-ups are another easy one to include your child’s story.

4. Favourite Toys

Toys that they are playing with at the moment is a great one as they go through stages with toys and it really defines what their interests are right at this very moment.

5. Different Stages of their Day

This can be any time from sleeping to getting ready to meal time. Remember there is always magic in the routine, you just have to step back and look.

6. Foods they LOVE or Dislike Eating

This one could even involve a baking session and then eating the creations, my kids love to bake. And when you look back on your 30 day photo challenge, they often make the most memorable images.

7. Expressions

This is probably one of the most important ones that will really help capture their personality at the moment. The laughter, the tears, the grumpiness, the tiredness, any of those looks that they give you that really sum up how they are feeling. You don’t want to leave these out of your 30 day photo experience.

I have posted an image of the 30 day photo challenge I have already done with my youngest to hopefully inspire you and give you some more ideas. Remember to try different angles and perspectives to keep it visually interesting. I hope this helps you to capture some of the everyday magic in your household. You really will look back on it and be so grateful that you did this challenge.

See our children gallery for more inspiring photos or return to our home page to see all on offer. If you have any questions, drop us a line via the contact form. Have a look here to see how I am going with my current 30 day photo challenge, this is a picture from today.

30 day photo challenge mazzy 3