A Little About Me

Hi! I am Melanie. After completing an Arts Degree majoring in psych and a Diploma in Textile Design and Production, I ran my own successful homewares label. Once our little folk entered my world, I became incessantly drawn to documenting the everyday moments of their lives. I found that each moment carried its own wonder and magic. I was seeing the world in a whole new way as they changed weekly, monthly and yearly; they were growing right before my eyes. So I left behind the homewares label for this new adventure and have never looked back. This is 100% what I was meant to do, there is no doubt about it. There is no going back now, I’m totally addicted.

My Family

I have two beautiful little girls who are my world. Audrey is my first born, and she is full of zest for life. With big blue eyes and amazing curly hair, she learns easily and is quite the chatterbox. Blessed with boundless energy, she is a social butterfly and does not like packing up. This one is a Daddy’s girl; they love watching the Ninja Turtles together and running around the house crazily. Marilyn aka Mazzymoo is my cuddler and a mummy’s girl. Her hair is chocolate brown, and her eyes are so dark brown that they are nearly black. She is a giggler, has the wackiest expressions and walks with attitude. She adores her big sister and copies everything she does, trying to keep up with her whenever she can. These two are double-trouble and get up to mischief whenever they can. They are different in so many ways but already have an unbreakable bond. I am crazy about them.

My Inspiration

Children are my inspiration, mine and yours. To a child, everything is new, imagination has no boundaries, everyone is a possible new friend, you can be anything, and even colours are brighter. They laugh easily, and they don’t care what people think. Their dreams, their hopes, their imagination, their adventures … childhood. This is what I want to capture for you: your child’s life right now. From gummy smiles to wobbly walks, from chasing bubbles to dressing up; their tininess when they are first born to the cheekiness they develop as they grow. It is all fun and amazing and totally special to you. No-one is living the same life. No-one has done what you have done. It is all of these unique moments woven together that become our life story. I want to remember what was important to my children at each stage, what made them happy, who was in their lives, their unique personalities and what they loved to spend their time doing. And I’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

My Sessions

I have been photographing children and families for about four years now, and I am based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I am happy to travel within Melbourne and love the opportunity to travel when it arises. I use natural light and studio light. I do fully-styled, lightly-styled and lifestyle sessions, which are non-styled. I work with my clients to find the right style to suit their needs. I offer photography both at my home studio in Heathmont or at a location of your choice. I’m happy to be guided by your imagination but also happy to work together to create the perfect session to capture this moment in time for you, whatever that may be. It is these little moments in life that make us who we are and will be priceless to look back on. Together, we will find these moments and have a lot of fun capturing them. Planning a session can be simple or involved; it’s totally up to you. 

My Style

I’m drawn to anything circus, vintage and bohemian. I have a thing for stars, stripes and sparkles. My studio is full of tutus, fairy wings, buntings, blankets, dress-ups, super hero costumes, chairs (I have lots of chairs actually), and heaps of other cool stuff. I’m always on the lookout for props and often wander into op-shops and kids stores. I drive my hubby a bit nuts with all the stuff I collect and have been known to make him stop the car whilst I rescue something from someone’s hard rubbish. It’s the old worn pieces that have so much character and life. I make lots of things myself too; I’ve always been crafty. I love to create enchanting scenes outdoors and let the kids’ imaginations run wild as they interact with the set and create their own magic. We often have bubbles flying around, tepees set up, stars hanging from the trees, glitter to spread around and other bits and pieces to play with.

I drink a ridiculous amount of tea; I’m totally addicted to chocolate. I love reading magazines and styling the house. I love to celebrate the little things. I’m always up for an adventure, and my girls are my heart and soul. I believe that I can learn something from everyone. Childhood is such a wondrous time but such a busy part of life that flies by so quickly. “Your little ones will never get younger, let’s take the images today that you will cherish tomorrow.”

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