Planning a Kid’s Party: 5 Ways to be Organised

Anyone who knows me, probably knows that I love planning my kids birthday parties. I think I get just as excited as they do about their upcoming birthdays. Both of their birthdays are just before christmas so planning my kids parties is key to me feeling organised on the day and being able to enjoy their special day. I’m a list girl so there will be a few lists involved here to help make planning a kids party an enjoyable experience. My girls loved getting involved with the process too, from choosing the theme to finding the perfect outfit.  Last year we did Alice in Wonderland and a Twinkle Little Star theme, I’ve included a few pictures to show you how they turned out.   Often I do run out of time as I have big plans but usually get most of my main things prepared in time.   Every year I have started earlier and been a little more organised with planning my kids parties.  This year is going to be my most organised yet as I have already started.   Wish me luck and here are a few tips for planning a kids party that may help you too.

5 Tips For Planning A Kids Party

  1. Choose a Theme

Depending on the age of your child and their interests, this may be obvious and an easy choice. For instance my youngest daughter loves toy story at the moment so thats what she wanted. I try and go with a combination of what my child wants and what I think will be fun and doable. I do have to plan it after all. My girls have loved every party they ave had so working on an idea together until you agree on the perfect one is what works for us. My oldest daughter was a bit trickier this year as she is going to be 6 and she has a few parties up her sleeve.   So I gave her some options and she decided on unicorns. I prefer a general theme like this one as it allows for more creativity. Kids parties are more fun for them if they are involved with the process too.

2. Collecting Ideas

This is a fun stage as anything is possible and I’m never quite sure what we will end up with. I look at pinterest, google and etsy to get some ideas. I then start a pinterest board or a folder on my computer with all of my favourite inspiration. There is a link to my pinterest board here, if you would like to get some ideas. I get an idea of what others have done and it helps me come up with a collection of images to inspire planning my own kids parties. I think it would also be great to print off some of your favourite pictures and create an inspiration board to keep referring too.  I look at invitations, decorations, cakes, lolly bags and activities so I have a good overall feeling for what I will endeavour to create.

3. The Invitation

Then I set the date and work out a time and location. Then I start working on my invitation based on my research.  I aim to have this finished at least 2 months prior to the party date and I send it off 3-4 weeks before the party.

4. Making a Plan

This is where the lists come in very handy. The first list is the guest list as I need to know how many invitations to print.   Knowing the time of day of the party also helps with the next list which is the food list. I make a list of all the food I need to buy and what I will be making. If I’m not making the cake I will place the order for it. My sister is a cake decorator so she often helps me out with the cake. Sometimes I keep in simple and just do cup cakes and add some cute decorations and icing to make them fun. I have used Melbourne Laser Cutting for most of my parties for cake toppers and gifts for the guests. They are great at doing custom orders and are happy to work with you to create something special when planning a kids party.

Book a photographer if you want to relax on the day and know you don’t have to worry about taking all of the photos yourself.   It’s a great time to get a professional to take care of the photography, family is often all together and everyone is in good spirits.  Have a look here if you want to see some of my party photography.

Then I list all of the decorations I want to make and decide on the what to do for lolly/gift bags etc. I go into a fair bit of detail so I can start to keep an eye for things that could work. Sometimes I have to change things around as I may not be able to find certain items but often I end up with something I am even happier with. The list just helps to break it down into smaller steps so I can slowly chip away at it rather than leave it to the last minute.

5. Start Making Things

This is my favourite part, making the decorations. I often refer back to pinterest for instructions that can help with certain D.I.Y projects. Just to make sure I am doing things the most effective way. I usually make the party hats and something special to put in the lolly ages apart from just lollies.  I find Spotlight is great for all my crafty needs. I aim to have all the decorations purchased and made at least a week before the party so I can just focus on making the food in that week before. Which is why the planning starts months prior to the actual party. That is my process on planning a kids party. Last year I did Alice in Wonderland and Twinkle little star, I’ve included a few pictures to show you how they turned out.   Often I do run out of time as I have big plans but usually get most of my main things prepared in time.   Every year I have started earlier and got more organised. This year I am determined to be completely organised, I will let you know how I go.

See some of the parties that we have planned and/or photographed for inspiration here .

kids party 4

kids party alice in wonderland 1

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